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9A-BTC Trade air started Zagreb-Sarajevo flights today 01.04.03. with this L-410 (mehr von 9A-BTC)
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RA-67553 Flight OAO9602 C/n851430 ex:CCCP67553 leased from Arkhangelsk 2nd Aviation Enterprise is seen taxxing for lining up rwy32,having ended its lease with AirMali.Departing to Corfu(Greece)!!Behind is a Mil8 of Malta Air charter. (mehr von RA-67553)
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OM-HLF Seen night stopping in Malta prior to continue its trip to Libya is this L410.The red stripes suggestes that this a/c was acquired from Concors Airlines of Latvia!!Further inf to follow!! (mehr von OM-HLF)
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HA-LAR On a Christmass day waiting on a night (DHL) shift. (mehr von HA-LAR)
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HA-LAE / "Turbolet" waiting on passangers. (mehr von HA-LAE)
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SP-KPZ #902431 ex OK-VDE, RA-67638; the airline is a freight carrier, which started services last year - based WAW (mehr von SP-KPZ)