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D-ACNC Evening schedule LH1254 'Weil am Rhein' to Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von D-ACNC)
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SE-RLC Operating the weekly cargo schedules QY4026/7 Leipzig-Linz-Liepzig and QY4852/3 Linz-Ljubljana-Linz for one week instead of the usual DHL 757. Shot taken shortly after arrival to the aircraft's parking position. (mehr von SE-RLC)
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D-ACKF 'Prenzlau' operating the evening schedule LH 1254 to Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von D-ACKF)
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TC-JGD Diverted from Salzburg to Linz due to heavy fog. Schedule TK 1382 starting its way back home to Istanbul Intl. (mehr von TC-JGD)
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HB-ALN This beautiful turboprop has already been in service around the world: Its first operator was Air Tahiti/French Polynesia (F-OHJC), followed by Exel Air/Netherlands (PH-XLS), CCM Airlines/Corsica (F-GHNS), Air Deccan/India (VT-ADQ), Solenta Aviation/South Africa (ZS-XCC/C9-SAM/ZS-XCI) and Zimex Aviation. Arrived LNZ from St-Gallen-Altenrhein (flight XM402). Now starting its engines on a ferry flight back to EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse/Freiburg Intl. (mehr von HB-ALN)
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F-ORLY arrival as the sun meets the horizon (mehr von F-ORLY)
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OE-LBO One of the first visits of Austrian's new retro jet at Linz Airport. The 'Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen' (a mountain-region in the south of Upper Austria) on its way to Crete-Chania (OS 9069) to complete the leg Vienna-Chania-Graz-Linz-Chania-Vienna. (mehr von OE-LBO)
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ZS-GAL A beautiful Airbus with some bright and golden sunset colours behind. Capture of charter flight CXI 3202 nonstop to Antalya Intl. (mehr von ZS-GAL)
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ZS-GAL A late summer charter flight taxiing in after arrival from Antalya Intl. (CXI 3201). ZS-GAL is one out of five Corendon-Jets that wear a special sticker promoting the antique city of Aspendos in Turkey. (mehr von ZS-GAL)
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D-ACNE Schedule LH 1255 on the way to the active for departure to Frankfurt/Main Intl. during the 'Golden Hour' of this late summer day. (mehr von D-ACNE)
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RA-82077 Another big cargo airliner at Linz Airport. This AN-124 arrived from Leipzig-Halle to operate a cargo flight to Espargos/Cape Verde Islands on the following day (VDA 2273). (mehr von RA-82077)
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RA-82077 on her way as "VI2274" to Espargos (SID/GVAC) (mehr von RA-82077)
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TC-TJN Charter flight CAI 3202 preparing for departure to Antalya Intl. This is the last aircraft in the Corendon fleet that wears the airline's old colourscheme. (mehr von TC-TJN)
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D-ACNA 'Amberg' on the evening schedule LH 1254 to Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von D-ACNA)
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OE-IQD This livery makes you looking forward to your next holiday! Flight EW 6867 departing Linz for Palma de Mallorca Intl. via 26. (mehr von OE-IQD)
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ZS-GAS Evening charter flight CAI 3202 to Antalya Intl. This A 320 is leased from Global Aviation, South Africa. (mehr von ZS-GAS)
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HB-JVT Departing Linz for EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse Freiburg as flight 2L 8339. (mehr von HB-JVT)