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D-891 Hot Blade Exercise was the first big test for the brand new Dutch F model Chinook. (mehr von D-891)
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19609 Departing for a Combat SAR mission at Hot Blade Exercise Spotters Day. (mehr von 19609)
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LX-N90451 An unforgettable moment at the Real Thaw Exercise Spotters Day: a NATO AWACS performing a touch n'go with four Spangdahlem based A-10's breaking formation about 1000 feet above... this was the last ever exercise for 81st Fighter Squadron before the unit's disbandment. (mehr von LX-N90451)
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NH-210 Face to Face with a stunner at Hot Blade Exercise, after returning from an afternoon sortie... picture taken during the Spotters Day! (mehr von NH-210)
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D-102 A Dutch Chinook leads the way for two German CH-53G while departing for a night mission at Hot Blade Exercise... picture taken at the Spotters Day! (mehr von D-102)
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16805 Performing a fantastic tactical landing at AM1 Ovar during Real Thaw 11 Exercise after an extraction mission across the North of Portugal, into Bragana... just check the position of the runway, nice!! An awesome day with three C-130 flights! (two ferrys and one mission) (mehr von 16805)
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