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19377 Special exibition near Santa Cruz, over the beach. EOS 300D & Sigma 70-300.
Email Autor Korrektur ID #525429 / 198 Aufrufe
CS-DIO Lucky to get this one. First shot online. EOS 300D & Canon 18-55@18mm. (mehr von CS-DIO)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #525428 / 32 Aufrufe
CS-AQX c/n F17201903. Inside the building with all his "brothers". There's no much more room for each one. EOS 300D & Canon 18-55@18mm. (mehr von CS-AQX)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #521469 / 82 Aufrufe
CS-DIC 75th Santa Cruz Aerodrome anniversary. First shot on the database. Tony Silva, this one is for you for lending me your camera, THANKS! (mehr von CS-DIC)
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CS-UHE ULM from Aero Clube Torres Vedras (mehr von CS-UHE)
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CS-DIF In route to Peniche . Thanks to my friend Vitor for the wonderful flight. (mehr von CS-DIF)
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CS-DIF Thanks to my friend Vitor for the wonderful flight (mehr von CS-DIF)