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J-3093 Nice reflections in the beautiful sun! Note the farm-house in the back! (mehr von J-3093)
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V-617 c/n 643. Built in 1967. Taking off with the cows in the back! (mehr von V-617)
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J-3093 Check out the pilot...he takes care of the cows ... ( ...they can bee seen on the right hand side ) Finally i got one F-5 with closed cockpit window! (mehr von J-3093)
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A fantastic spotting location is superb Meiringen! A low fence, close to the action and as well as a fantastic background!
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J-3069 With typical Swiss farm houses in the back! Very close to the action! (mehr von J-3069)
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J-3073 Note the very cool & relaxed pilot! Seen here after a shooting test from the Axalp! Note also the "Fliegerstaffel 8" sticker ( Flst.8 Meiringen ) (mehr von J-3073)
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J-3037 Taking off into a very nice fall scenery! In the back you can see the "Grimsel Pass" (mehr von J-3037)
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T-341 The VIP service for the Axalp 2005 seen here arriving from a short flight, from their Alpnach base! (mehr von T-341)