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HB-XXO Having just landed with the boss of the airfield onboard! (mehr von HB-XXO)
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D-KIPP This aircraft has been based at Beromunster for at least the past 5 years (mehr von D-KIPP)
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HB-ERV c/n 10616. ex F-BNNO. Beginning to show its age, but a great aircraft nevertheless (mehr von HB-ERV)
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HB-ELI c/n 13129. ex 44-80833. One of only 2 Pipers in the HB-E sequence, all the rest are either HB-O or HB-P (mehr von HB-ELI)
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HB-CGF c/n F17202040. ex PH-AYN and N37797. Parked outside the main hangar at the Picturesque airfield of Beromunster, near the major town on Luzern (mehr von HB-CGF)
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HB-DVD Judging by the drinks machine behind the aircrafts tail, this aircraft has overun it's maintenance schedule!- One of only 5 of the type in the country (mehr von HB-DVD)
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HB-CRY c/n 55915. Built in 1959. One of very few aircraft registered to the small principality of Liechtenstein- Aircraft carry the same prefix (HB-) but carry an additional tail symbol! (mehr von HB-CRY)