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Final approach to La Mole inbound from Altenrhein for some sunny day's at St. Tropez.
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HB-LUQ c/n 31T-8120056. Arriving at La Mole for some day's at the beach. (mehr von HB-LUQ)
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HB-FVD c/n 1072. Built in 2008. Taxiing to RWY 06. (mehr von HB-FVD)
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overview of this little airfield in the Var department in the Provence-Alpes-Cte d'Azur region in southeastern France. On the right you can see the runway designated 06/24 which measures 1,180 by 30 meters.
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VP-COM c/n 500-0318. Just parked in front of the very small GA terminal! What a fantastic place this St.Tropez is! (mehr von VP-COM)
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LTT The only airline/check-in desk at this airport.
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LX-MRC c/n 525-0473. Became HB-VOR. This one arrived on runway 24 but departed on 06 (seen here), due to a very large hill at the end of rwy 24. It's only 1.728 meters in length, so even this lightweight had to apply full throttle with the parking brake set before rolling for takeoff! (mehr von LX-MRC)
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F-HAIR Looking out onto the small ramp, with the 06/24 runway to the right. (mehr von F-HAIR)


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The "control" tower in St. Tropez