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LV-AYD - Former D-ALLR with Aerolloyd and N824NK with Spirit Airlines in United States. (Olympus C765UZ) (mehr von LV-AYD)
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LV-AYD Taxi to the gate after a RWY 25 ILS approach due to a snow storm. Hand held shot taken with the Vibration Reduction feature activated. [Nikon D70 & Nikkor 24-120 VR] (mehr von LV-AYD)
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LV-AYD AUs Latest incorporation being serviced for his afternoon flight to MDZ. Previously with Spirit Airlines as N824NK and AeroLloyd as D-ALLR. (Olympus C-740) (mehr von LV-AYD)


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LV-AYD Taxi to the gate with the last ray of light at 8:41PM local time! Dedicated to Juan Carlos Rodriguez who scheduled this new plane in order to do the flight AU2810 SABE-SAWH-SABE, and also to Arturo Castro who was the first officer on this flight. (Nikon D70) (mehr von LV-AYD)
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LV-AYD ex N824NK with Aero Lloyd running engines before entering into service (mehr von LV-AYD)
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LV-AYD LV-AYD Ex N824NK MD-83 F. Os panel the new incorporation of Au (mehr von LV-AYD)
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LV-AYD ex N824NK. Austral's latest incorporation just arrived from the States, taking a nap after the long trip. (mehr von LV-AYD)