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F-HRAF c/n 44-8207020. The last Turbo Seminole ever built. (mehr von F-HRAF)
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N1900R [Canon 400D] Raytheon has created a demonstrator aircraft that highlights the flexibility of the Beechcraft 1900D. The Missionator demonstrates with its interior that the Beech 1900 can be used not only for handle passengers but also for cargo, humanitarian, and medevac airlift. Everything is summed up in his magnificent livery. In 2009, the "Missionator" has flown over 90 000 km all around the world to show its potential : US West Coast, Western Canada, the Central America, Colombia, Chile, Europe, Western Asia and finally Australia were the main stages of its world tour. (mehr von N1900R)
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OY-NCL [Canon 7D] Short final for the runway 34 with the Lille football team on board. (mehr von OY-NCL)


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OO-VLZ [Canon 400D] Special flight chartered by the Valenciennes football team. (mehr von OO-VLZ)
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F-RAFA [Canon 7D] Prime Minister Francois Fillon in visit. (mehr von F-RAFA)
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F-RAFA [Canon 7D] Climbing after takeoff from the runway 34 with the Prime Minister Francois Fillon on board. (mehr von F-RAFA)
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F-GBFQ c/n F15201488. Built in 1978. (mehr von F-GBFQ)
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F-GSJD c/n TJ-74. Built in 1976. [Canon 400D] Home base : Rouen Valle de Seine. (mehr von F-GSJD)
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F-AZLT c/n 32. Built in 1959. [Canon 400D] Home base : Morlaix Ploujean. (mehr von F-AZLT)
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HB-SDN c/n D4.263. Built in 2007. [Canon 400D] Home base : Bern. (mehr von HB-SDN)
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F-GNSF c/n TH-1706. Built in 1993. [Canon 400D] Home base : Muret L'Herm. (mehr von F-GNSF)