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Great view on Spitzbergens airport during airevents polar sightseeingflight.
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LN-LTE c/n BB-2007. ex N63007. Leaving Svalbard Longyearbyen at 01:30AM. (mehr von LN-LTE)
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C-FTGX in front of the beautiful scenery of Svalbard Longyearbyen at 01:10AM (mehr von C-FTGX)
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D-AHIK Leaving LYR's runway after the flight from DUS along with LTU's D-ABDA to deliver passengers bound for a cruise thru the Arctic (mehr von D-AHIK)
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LN-RCN Check out the landscape! Just awesome (mehr von LN-RCN)
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LN-RCN Approach to Longyear Airport over great glaciers and its amazing landscape (mehr von LN-RCN)
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LN-BRQ Takeoff from Longyearbyen/LYR Airport on Spitzbergen. We took off from the runway and made a steep 270 turn to the left... (mehr von LN-BRQ)