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54-1626 Prototype Spectre gunship that was converted under Project Gunship II at Wright-Patterson AFB. It carried four 20mm cannon and four 7.62mm multi-barrel guns, used in a 30-degree left bank at night. This AC-130 was sent to Nha Trang AFB in Vietnam on Sept. 21, 1967 for a 90-day test. Other Spectres of 16th SOS based at Ubon flew interdiction missions along the Ho Chi Ming Trail from 1968 onward, destroying many trucks. (mehr von 54-1626)
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55-0014 Closeup of an AC-130 that looks like it has seen some action. (mehr von 55-0014)
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56-0509 This aircraft is on display in the Hurlburt Field air park. (mehr von 56-0509)