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FAE893 The last Hercules in Ecuador departing from Quito to an unknown destination during the Spotter Day UIO 2019 organized by Ecuador Aviation Photography. (mehr von FAE893)
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D-ACWF In 1980, Wirtschaftsflug planned to enter the cargo flight business. For this purpose, the operation of three Lockheed L-100-30s was considered and a agreement with German Cargo was made. The first brand-new Hercules, delivered in October 1981 did not bring Wirtschaftsflug the desired economic success and the company had to file for bankruptcy in late 1982. The picture here shows the confiscated C-130 , waiting to be returned to Lockheed (mehr von D-ACWF)
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A6-MAX Dubai Airshow static display - Maximus Cargo Hercules and IL76 with Airbus A380 prototype hiding behind... (mehr von A6-MAX)
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