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CF-TGE An elevated view giving a good idea of the Museum of Flight's location in relation to Boeing Field and downtown Seattle. (mehr von CF-TGE)
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CF-TGE On display at the Museum of Flight. The most successful of all the Constellation models, the 1049G could be fitted with wingtip tanks to increase range. This Super Connie was delivered to Trans-Canada Airlines in 1954. It carried passengers, cargo and was converted to a cocktail lounge. (mehr von CF-TGE)
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D-ADAM crossing the perimeter road connecting the cargo area and the former LTU-hangar on her way to the exhibition park. (mehr von D-ADAM)
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D-ADAM Former F-BHML photographed during one of the"photo and film safaris" in summer 1978, wearing the fake registration D-ADAM and Air Classic` titles, but showing still the logo of Compagnie Air Fret. D-ADAM was parked on the main apron until it was transferred to the exhibition area in summer 1979. (mehr von D-ADAM)
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F-BHML The last commercial flown Super Costellation in Europe arrived two days before on a ferry flight with only three operational engines from Nimes. F-BHML was the first part of the "Air Classic" exhibition, which was located opposite the old cargo terminal and next to the airplane fuel yard at Lohausen. (mehr von F-BHML)


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D-ALIN In 1955 the German chancelor Konrad Adenauer used this bird on his flight to Moscow to free the last German Prisoners of War. (mehr von D-ALIN)
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F-BGNJ Actually preserved close to Mto-France at Fremiou. ( 47 8'56.94"N, 136'25.35"O). (mehr von F-BGNJ)
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F-BHBG used as an eyecatcher for the Discothque Le Moulin near Quimper - definetely worked with me.. (mehr von F-BHBG)
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CS-TLA To bad it was only the cockpit section that was preserved! [1200 px] (mehr von CS-TLA)