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HB-JGK It's so sad to see this classic bizjet rotting away. (mehr von HB-JGK)


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N171SG painted for the movie "Face Off" (mehr von N171SG)
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HB-JGK Coming back from its first local test flight after... 1'203 days on the ground! (mehr von HB-JGK)
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HB-JGK c/n 5233. Built in 1979. And here it is! The very first Swiss registered Lockheed Jetstar, just rolling out from the paint shop! Really nice! Ex OD-KMI and 7T-VHP. Not yet ready to fly, because one engine is still in repairs. (mehr von HB-JGK)
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Here is what is expected to become the first Swiss registered Jetstar. It is scheduled to be painted within the end of the month as HB-JGK. Ex OD-KMI (never flew as such) and 7T-VHP.
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N116DD The JetStar has quickly become my favorite bizjet, with four engines and such classic and elegant lines. Shot during an airside tour arranged by the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. [D200 + Nikkor 18-70mm] (mehr von N116DD)
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N116DD Classic bizjet rocketing away from 35 on a beautiful afternoon. We'd just taken an airside tour and saw her up close, so this was a nice follow-up. Shot from the tower at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum at HOU. [D200 + Sigma 120-300mm 2.8] (mehr von N116DD)