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A-1645 On display at Museum Pusat TNI-AU Dirgantara Mandala. Pres. Kennedy gifted three JetStars to Pres. Sukarno after his visit to the USA in 1961. They were named “Pancasila”, “Sapta Marga” and “Irian”, and replaced the Il-14 operated by Skadron Udara 17 in the VIP role. (mehr von A-1645)
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VP-BLD Delivered in 1968 and stored at Toulouse since at least 2007, it was finally scrapped in 2014. Today is expoxed in the Lyce polyvalent - Lyce des mtiers Saint-Exupry, Blagnac yard. (mehr von VP-BLD)
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HB-JGK It's so sad to see this classic bizjet rotting away. (mehr von HB-JGK)


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VP-CSM Nice to see that this old lady is still flying! (mehr von VP-CSM)
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11+03 Not any active. Scan from slide. Assigned to FBMvg. Engines test at Zulu position at Wahn AB.t (mehr von 11+03)
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68-2491 In static display at the Open day at the Airbase. Kodachrome-25-slidescan. (mehr von 68-2491)
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TC-SSS Thanks to the crew that they had the patience to wait until I did this perfect photo. (mehr von TC-SSS)
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11+03 11+03 Operated by FlgBmVg at Wahn AB. In the background personal Boeing 707 of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadath who visited Germany these day (mehr von 11+03)
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