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80-0071 RIAT 2017 - Dragon Lady from the 9th Reconnaissance Wingin the static display (mehr von 80-0071)


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80-1076 (BB) Again Aguadilla visiting this aircraft previously had a picture of the queue snoppy normal now with the titles of Beale AFB Reconaissance 99th Squadron / 9th Wing in the photo Reconaissance final moments of his approach to runway 8 of BQN. (mehr von 80-1076)
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80-1080 99th RS "DRAGON LADY" @ Night, seen here during a nightshooting just as the magic hour sets the nice background for that brilliant shot! What a great moment, as a dream came through! (mehr von 80-1080)
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80-1077 (BB) The final aproach to runway 8 to BQN the cars prepare to received this beauty. (mehr von 80-1077)
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80-1077 (BB) c/n 77. Another surprise to me in this year, very lucky days. (mehr von 80-1077)
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80-1067 (WR) Edwards AFB Open House 06 / Tour (mehr von 80-1067)
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80-1067 (WR) This very interesting U-2S is permanently assigned to flight test duties at Palmdale, it carries 'WR' tailcode (first in database) as USAF's U-2 program management is based at Warner-Robins AFB, GA. Please note the golden coated areas beneath the wing, does anybody know what these are for? A longer nose as usual and an array of antenna have been fitted to the aircraft as well (mehr von 80-1067)
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68-10329 9th RW, Beale AFB based U-2S in this years static display at RIAT. This was undoubtedly one of my highlights this year, so awsome! (mehr von 68-10329)
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68-10337 'BB' The famous spy plane U-2 based at Beale AFB in the static display area. (mehr von 68-10337)