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M-52 in the colours of the Whiskey-four demo-team, this aircraft is actually the M-54! (mehr von M-52)
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FAC2008 Aircraft preserved in the Armed Forces Museum in the center of Bogota. The T-33 was the first jet in Colombia. The first aircrafts arrived in 1954 and were assigned to Palanquero AFB, then in 1981 were transfered to Barranquilla AFB and finally retired from service in 1990. (mehr von FAC2008)
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54434 arrived at Spangdahlem for BDRT (Battle damage repair training) (mehr von 54434)
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FT24 as gate-guard of the 11th belgian squadron at Brustem AB. After moving to Beauvechain AB, the 11th sqn is now established at Cazaux AB in France. (mehr von FT24)
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14115 (314-AM) They started a museum at Brienne and already had seven aircraft when the project was cancelled, the aircraft went to other collections.
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80695 in those years there were always a few T-birds stationed at Ramstein for the desk-jockeys
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M-5 silver and day-glow were popular in the sixties and seventies! (mehr von M-5)
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MM51-4418 New registration for this airplane in disuse from years. Behind always it abandons to you,there are Aermacchi MB-326,Fiat G-91R/1 and Piaggio P166. The four airplane are with in the perimeter of the airport of Forl (mehr von MM51-4418)
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N33VC c/n 261. ex G-JETT. Became G-TBRD. "U.S. Air Force" and "54-21261" markings. Crashed on September 6, 2006 at Duxford. Return to the past at Zoersel/Oostmalle in 1993 during a warbirds airshow. (mehr von N33VC)
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14045 (TR-045) At Muse Europen de la Chasse
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94+54 At Musee Europeen de la Chasse, nice livery! (mehr von 94+54)