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Control tower and terminal building at Mitilini taken during the walkaround.
Email Autor Korrektur ID #148643 / 104 Aufrufe
PH-BMD (cn 1318) 'Dutchbird 554 cleared for takeoff rnw15.' (mehr von PH-BMD)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #148642 / 107 Aufrufe
PH-BMD (cn 1318) Taking during the walkaround. Powerfull CFM engines... (mehr von PH-BMD)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #148438 / 79 Aufrufe
PH-BMD (cn 1318) Nice overview of runway 33 as we start our backtrack to the oposite end for a rnw15 takeoff as DBR 554 to Samos, Greece. (mehr von PH-BMD)
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PH-BMD (cn 1318) Short finals rnw15 at Mitilini, Greece! Correcting left to stay lined-up... (mehr von PH-BMD)
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PH-BMD (cn 1318) Overview of rnw15 at Mitilini. The wind was blowing strong over the mountains from the right causing windshear conditions. A great place to go aircraft spotting during the summer... Finepix 2800 (mehr von PH-BMD)