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RA-65693 On May 22nd, 2019, Alrosa's TU-134 performed the last scheduled passenger flight 6R693 MJZ-OVB of a Tupolev TU-134 in the world! (mehr von RA-65693)
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RA-46621 together with its sistership RA-26668. New in database. (mehr von RA-46621)
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RA-61711 arriving for my flight to IKT. (mehr von RA-61711)
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RA-41904 Alrosa is operating the last active Antonov AN-38 in the world! (mehr von RA-41904)
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RA-41904 Alrosa is still operating this very rare aircaft type. New in database! (mehr von RA-41904)
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RA-85654 Alrosa is one of the last TU-154 operators in the world! (mehr von RA-85654)
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RA-76357 is obviously used as source for spare parts. (mehr von RA-76357)
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RA-65693 whirling up snow upon arrival in this remote Siberian township. (mehr von RA-65693)


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RA-65693 Alrosa announced that they will retire their TU-134 due to the lack of spare parts and high operating costs next year. So this is your last chance to fly with the last TU-134 in regular passenger service in the world based in Mirny seen here decelerating after a flight from Irkutsk. I arrived on this Soviet aircraft built in 1980 earlier that day from Novosibirsk! (mehr von RA-65693)