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N596AA resting on position C12 for the next flight to DFW. (mehr von N596AA)
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N220FR Ferry flight of Frontiers first Sharklet A320! (mehr von N220FR)
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N934AT parked at Gate C14 on a very hot summer day! (mehr von N934AT)
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N1159K c/n 101. ex N853GA. Became (N237LM ntu), N240CX, N623CX, N512JT and N412JT. This is the aircraft of McDonald's founder Ray Kroc, who died in 1984. (mehr von N1159K)
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N555SL This aircraft was bought by Kearney & Trecker and later re-rgd. N98KT. (mehr von N555SL)


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152140 Based at NAS Glenview / IL at the time. Base since closed.
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88-4404 One of the WI's Air National Guard's C-130s coming back home. (mehr von 88-4404)
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C-FUJZ Another new CRJ-705 visits IAH wearing the Star Alliance livery. (mehr von C-FUJZ)
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N12135 Lined up for departure on rwy 7R as seen from the jumpseat aboard Jetlink 2237 to IAH. At the very end of the runway an Air Wisconsin -146 has just left the ground. We also consumed almost all of the existing pavement. A huge thanks to Capt. Russell for a great flight. (mehr von N12135)
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N914ME This very clean 717 is about to depart 7R. (mehr von N914ME)
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N87SK First Officer hanging on with both hands for dear life and they are still on the ground? Actually this is a great way to stretch and stay loose. Photo taken from the flightdeck of Jetlink 2237 (N12135) as we sit in the 07R pad while ground stopped for IAH for 1.5 hours. (mehr von N87SK)