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TC-OBN Take off from Malatya to Istanbul, 1:45 hour domestic flight. (mehr von TC-OBN)
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Airport overview... Brand new terminal building is on the bottom right...
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TC-JGA Shortly after take off from Malatya airport in east Turkey... You can see the airport in the photo as well... A 1:30 hour flight to Istanbul... (mehr von TC-JGA)
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TC-JPN Left turn after take off! (mehr von TC-JPN)
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D-AGEK Approaching Malatya, my hometown. Seen from seat 18F. (mehr von D-AGEK)
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D-AGEK That was the most spectacular approach in my life!! The Terminal is under the wing, but on the right side you can see the military division with some military jets. First photo from my hometown Malatya :o) (mehr von D-AGEK)