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RP-C8961 New airlines for Philippine Airspace - Royal Air Charter Service (mehr von RP-C8961)
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RP-C9328 (c/n 3003) This aircraft has since been withdrawn from use since the type certificate did not allow its use in passenger service. (mehr von RP-C9328)
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RP-C2695 This YAK-40 had a landing accident at MPH a few years back. It was repainted in airport operator TransAire's green c/s, and large "Mabuhay" (="welcome") titles were applied. On 24FEB12 a number of blue barrels were applied around the fuselage, and finally, on 01MAR12, the plane was submerged as a diving attraction in front of Boracay Island. (mehr von RP-C2695)


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RP-C8895 Turning onto the runway for a 06 take-off. The hill at the end of the runway on the left side of the picture is what makes Caticlan a somewhat difficult airport for some types. Runway length is only 950m. (mehr von RP-C8895)
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RP-C8893 All markings overpainted. This is what you do when you crash your plane into a wall. Fortunately noboby was killed in this accident which occured on 11JAN09. The remains are being used for spares reclamation. (mehr von RP-C8893)
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RP-C7250 taxing to the gate after arriving from MNL (mehr von RP-C7250)
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RP-C5000 I just love Caticlan Airport!! The "St. Marteen of the Philippines". (mehr von RP-C5000)