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XZ586 On standby SAR duties in support of the British Forces based on the Falkland Islands. Operated by 78 Squadron. Scan from Fuji slide (mehr von XZ586)
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ZA709 Based in on the Falkland Islands in support of the British army. Later destroyed on Afghanistan operations in 2009. Scan from Fuji Slide (mehr von ZA709)
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XZ248 c/n WA.080. Operated by 815 Squadron and detatched to HMS Newcastle, a Type 42 destroyer based in the Falkland Islands after the Falklands conflict. Scan from Fuji slide. (mehr von XZ248)
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XV419 c/n 3045 of 1435 Flight just returning from a Combat Air Patrol over the Falkland Islands. 7 years after the Falklands conflict and tension was still very high, (notice the Falklands crest on the nose). Aircraft later scrapped. Scan from Fuji Slide (mehr von XV419)
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A-529 c/n 29 stored in the RAF hangar after her capture during the Falklands conflict. Now preserved in Port Stanley. Damaged in action May 15 1982. Scan from Fuji Slide (mehr von A-529)