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Another overview of a little part from that big airfield.
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N207EV This Douglas built B-17 was used by the CIA with Skyhook Surface Air Recovery System gear fitted in the nose for Project Coldfeet. This successful mission was carried out on June 1, 1962, which involved the dropping and retrieval of agents with Soviet anti-submarine warfare intelligance from a polar ice station, aboandoned by the Russians in May 1961. Since 2002 N207EV has been on display at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, restored in its original military identity (mehr von N207EV)
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N206EV Here still in the colors of Evergreen, the 1954 built Neptune as tanker 145. Most recently documented in aerial firefighting with Neptune Aviation Services in California and Arizona in 2017 (mehr von N206EV)
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N7572A Seven American Airlines B.707 are waiting for their further use in Marana in the spring of 1981. N7572A ended her career a few months later after a short transfer flight to Davis Monthan AFB as a spare parts plane for the USAF KC-135E conversion program (mehr von N7572A)
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N7509A One of the first B.707s to be built, line number 16, flew for Air Berlin USA in the 1980 summer season. After being returned to American Airlines in autumn, she was sold to the USAF for the KC-135R conversion program and finally scrapped at the Davis-Monthan AFB (mehr von N7509A)
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Delta time at Marana
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N3439F First delivered to Sabena in June 1986 as OO-SGC. Withdrawn from use in October 1999 and stored at Marana since 2003 as N3439F (mehr von N3439F)


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Wide-angle view of Pinal Airpark