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N129TW Eyes widening really, I didn't know TWA have a blue color scheme on their B747, also pictured 1 Lufthansa B742 (D-ABZD), 1 Air Canada B747 (C-GAGC), 1 Air Atlanta/Saudia (TF-ATA), ATI DC-8 and among others there. (mehr von N129TW)
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TF-ATA Many white generic B747, not sure they have a new owner or not? (mehr von TF-ATA)
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N290SC Bit a waste in my opinion, the Sun Country is a super 27, but already dumped in the desert, along half body of United B747SP, company B742 and American DC10. [Nikon D100] (mehr von N290SC)
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VH-EC* Either VH-ECB or VH-ECC, just recently retired from service, already been scrapped, looks quite sad in the desert. [Nikon D100] (mehr von VH-EC*)
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6Y-JMS Air Jamaica still wearing its old color, also you can see some workers scrapping/servicing the planes. [Nikon D100] (mehr von 6Y-JMS)
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Grand view of Marana-Pinal Air Park storage. [Nikon D100]
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RP-C8830 Another diagonal view of the lot! (mehr von RP-C8830)
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Close up view from above on a speical permission overfly of Pinal Air Park/Evergreen Air Center. [Nikon D100]
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N911NA See the Nasa testbed, and many generic MD-11, B747s are awaiting their fate! [Nikon D100] (mehr von N911NA)
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VH-EC* One of the B747-200 Combi ex Qantas. [Nikon D100] (mehr von VH-EC*)
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Overview what is in Marana today! [Nikon D100]
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N305FV This is the ending of the famous Canadian DC-10 Signatures! [Nikon D100] (mehr von N305FV)
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N160UA Sitting in the desert and baking the sun! [Nikon D100] (mehr von N160UA)
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N306TW End of the road for this old classic, shot from a Ce172 out of Tuscon (mehr von N306TW)
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FS571 (My dad took this photo during preparation for his mission on this bird during his training in the USA) (mehr von FS571)
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N140AA. this is the view from standing out on the right wing. Quite different from the usual angle. Being prepped for service with Transaero on a short lived lease, it now flies for Hawiian. (mehr von N140AA)
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N147UA baking in the desert sun with a couple ex-TWA L1011s behind it. (mehr von N147UA)
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N142AA Look at the size of that engine cowling. Preparing for lease to Transaero (mehr von N142AA)
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N142AA getting a #2 engine change in preparation for lease to Transaero (mehr von N142AA)
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N141AA being prepped, painted, and polished for lease to Transaero. (mehr von N141AA)
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N996VJ s/n 47335/494 being prepped for storage in the desert. (mehr von N996VJ)
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N905NA being maintained at Marana. This is a former -123 of AA s/n 20107/86. In the background is USair DC9 N989VJ being prepped for storage, among other aircraft. (mehr von N905NA)
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N141AA being prepped for lease to Transaero. You can see where they've stopped while polishing the #2 engine nacelle. Maybe it was lunch time. (mehr von N141AA)