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9V-SFO C/N 32900 departing runway 05. Even Cargo planes can look shiny. Specially when they are pretty new. This young Lady is just a few month old. (mehr von 9V-SFO)
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B-2647 closeup view. You wan't some holidays, beach, sun, tropical enviroment? Then this is the Airline for you. I love this color scheme. (mehr von B-2647)
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B-2261 arriving. Operated now by China Southern after the consolidation of several airlines in China. I assume this color scheme will be history soon. (mehr von B-2261)
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B-2647 "Happy Wave". One of the nice color schemes of this airlines from the tropical holiday island in the south of China. (mehr von B-2647)
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9V-SFO C/N 32900. Actually the newest 747-400F in the Singapore Airlines Cargo fleet. [EOS300D EF 100-400 IS USM] (mehr von 9V-SFO)
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JA8160 JAL X Cargo in the new outfit. Aircraft leaving after maintenance at Taeco. (mehr von JA8160)
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JA8160 this heavy was a light one. Wow when these 747 are empty they can climb like a balloon. The Aircraft was just pulled out from the Taeco maintenance hangar. Filled with some fuel and then up and away. (mehr von JA8160)
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B-6011 back to Shanghai after spending a night in Xiamen (mehr von B-6011)
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B-2971 early morning departure. The only one from Runway 23 that day. (mehr von B-2971)
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B-2171 taking off and made an impressive climb. Destination unknown. The plane was spotted on the 29th at Luxembourg. (mehr von B-2171)
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B-2591 one of the 737-500's arrive at home (mehr von B-2591)
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HS-TAE just landed. Spoilers out and thrust reverse (mehr von HS-TAE)
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B-5056 a 737 Combi in Cargo configuration arriving. Notice the big Cargo Bay. Mr. Bean would be glad about a wash. (mehr von B-5056)
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B-MAM Lago Sol Lua with advertisement for East Asian Games 2005 arrive. The place you can oviously see in the background, at Xiamen. (mehr von B-MAM)
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B-2869 made the old fashion departure early in the morning. Its an immidiat left turn passing 1000ft in respect of the Taiwanese Airspace. The raising morning sun give a special lighting from below. (mehr von B-2869)
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B-2971 taxi to runway 23 for the first departure that morning. (mehr von B-2971)
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B-2862 the shiny youngster at his new home. (mehr von B-2862)
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B-2171 rotate. High humidity. Notice the vapor in the engines. (mehr von B-2171)
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JA608A Taking off. Humidity is quit high. Notice the vapor trail over the wing at the engine section and from the wing tips. (mehr von JA608A)
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B-2862 CN34008 rotate. The newest Member of the Xiamen Airlines Fleet. Delivered on the 24th of August 4 days ago. Punctually before the Typhoon Aere hit the Chinese Coast close to Xiamen on the 26th of August. But the Typhoon couldn't hurt this beautiful plane as you see. This is one of the last 757's build by Boeing. (mehr von B-2862)