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D-AIDD nightflight, FRA-MAN-FRA (mehr von D-AIDD)
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D-AIMC inflight, somewhere over siberia. (mehr von D-AIMC)
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This is the former airport from the "Cargolifter AG" near the city of Brand in the state of Brandenburg in Germany.You can see the former "Cargolifter-Hall". Today this hall (one of the biggest in the world) is an tropical paradise named "Tropical Island", where all the germans can go to enjoy the spirit of the tropic world.
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Patagonia....in the middle of nowhere...!
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View to Paris CDG after take off to Rio de Janeiro GIG
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LV-BEO Beautiful view on the International Airport of El Calafate in Patagonia. In the background you can see the andes. (mehr von LV-BEO)