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N160TS c/n 42.AC008. Built in 2006. New to database! (mehr von N160TS)
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D-EMUT c/n 17280524. ex N9574D. Cruising close to Ammersee with a fantastic view on the mountains. (mehr von D-EMUT)
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M-ONAV Close view onto a Hawker 900XP is always great. (mehr von M-ONAVClo)
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OE-FZC Ready for take off in the Cessna Citation Mustang on runway 05 at Geneva airport for Liege, Belgium airport. The Garmin G1000 is doing a perfect job and helps the pilots very much. Seen here while doing the last steps before the take off on a rainy and cloudy day. After a short take off distance the Mustang was in the air and we could climb onto the cruise altitude of 32,000 ft. (mehr von OE-FZCRea)
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OE-FZC Luxury cabin of the Cessna Citation Mustang. (mehr von OE-FZCLux)
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EC-KOQ c/n 18282041. ex N173D. What a big surprise at Augsburg airport! A Cessna 182 from Spain arriving in Germany, never expected that. (mehr von EC-KOQ)
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D-EIIT c/n 2816011. ex N9118X. New reg. for the database. (mehr von D-EIIT)
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D-EMUT Final approach onto runway 06 at Friedrichshafen airport inbound from Donauw�rth airport. (mehr von D-EMUT)
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D-EMUT After passing the compulsory reporting point 'oscar' at EDNY we got the clearance for downwind on runway 06 with a nice approach over lake Constance. (mehr von D-EMUT)
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D-EMUT c/n 17280524. ex N9574D. On climb to 4000 feet for a direct heading to Augsburg airport after take off on Heubach's runway 25. (mehr von D-EMUT)


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After take off on runway 25 with D-EMUT C172 Skyhawk heading for Augsburg.
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D-EMUT c/n 17280524. ex N9574D. Final approach runway 25 at Heubach airport. Arriving from Donauw�rth-Genderkingen (EDMQ) airport. (mehr von D-EMUT)
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D-MPZE What a rare bird at small Bad Saulgau airport. Nice catch! (mehr von D-MPZE)
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D-EASM c/n 18259654. Taxiing to runway 31 with 3 skydivers on board. (mehr von D-EASM)
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D-EASM c/n 18259654. Where are you gonna land there?! Don't worry it's just a deep approach onto Bad Saulgau's runway 31 with a tractor in the background. (mehr von D-EASM)
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Enjoy this wide airport overview from Albenga, Italy airport with the mountains and even the sea visible. Seen here while approaching runway 09 with D-ETTP Cessna 172 Skyhawk from Locarno airport.
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D-MGOL Bad Saulgau C42 is standing next to D-MWNL Ikarus C42. (mehr von D-MGOL)
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D-ETTP c/n 172S10872. ex N52244. On the way from Augsburg to Locarno airport. (mehr von D-ETTP)
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VP-CSB Never have been that close to a global express, 18mm shot! Seen here resting at the apron in the morning sun at Albenga airport. (mehr von VP-CSB)
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D-EBKK c/n 4608120. ex N183WW. Nice jetprop sitting at the apron early in the morning with some dew on the cockpit windows. (mehr von D-EBKK)
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Final approach runway 26R at Locarno in D-ETTP Cessna 172SP Skyhawk from Augsburg with a magnificent view at Locarno airport.
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A7-HJJ Qatar airways A330 seen here on push back while a Air Seychelles B767 is taking off in the background. (mehr von A7-HJJ)