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RA-82042 A special cargo flight for Siemens from Berlin to Indonesia. (mehr von RA-82042)
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D-ABMB "Ingolstadt". Lufthansa Express was in 1994 the first answer from Lufthansa to the low cost airlines in Europe. Fares from 99Ä should attract new customers, but the new low cost airline with low service flopped. Today, the relauchched Germanwings ist the new version of Lufthansa Express - after 19 years! (mehr von D-ABMB)
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YU-AHU A grey winter day a shortly before Christmas. View from the visitors terrace. (mehr von YU-AHU)
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RA-86059 Shortly before touch down on the old runway 25R near the village of Bohnsdorf. (mehr von RA-86059)
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An overview of Ostend Airport with a part of the town in the background. This afternoon one B727, three B747, one DC-3, three DC-8, one DC-10, one AN-12 and one G-V relaxing in the sun of the Belgium North Sea coast.
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PH-XRC Sunset spotting in the approach of runway 26R, on the highway slope at Meteorstrasse. Just to remind that the temperature was just slightly above freezing point.! (mehr von PH-XRC)
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At gate 1 you will find D-ALPI, Air Berlin A330 which is promoting BER, Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Because two years of delay of the opening of BER, Berlin-Tegel will stay open minimum until October 27th 2013.
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RA-64504 Another support aircraft for Mr. Putin's visit to Berlin (mehr von RA-64504)
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D-AIMI Aerial photo supported by the pilot Bernd Clemens from Rogermagazin with Cessna 152 D-EIAK from Lineup Air Service. (mehr von D-AIMI)
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HL7614 The first visit of a Korean Air A380 to Frankfurt, shot from the visitors terrace on Terminal 2 (mehr von HL7614)
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HL7614 Water cannon salute to the first visit of a Korean Air A380. The visitors terrace on Terminal 2 was opened the first time this year until 7pm in the evening. Many thanks to FRAPORT! (mehr von HL7614)
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Overview during Air Berlin's Oneworld joining event at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Berlin's new single airport, which will be opened on June 3rd 2012, welcomes Air Berlin to the global airline alliance Oneworld. The Air Berlin / Oneworld A330 D-ABXA and the Air Berlin B737 D-ABKU was the first aircraft which was towed on the new apron.
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D-ABKU Berlin Brandenburg Airport welcomes Air Berlin to the global airline alliance Oneworld. This Boeing und the Air Berlin A330 D-ABXA was the first aircraft which was towed on the new airport! (mehr von D-ABKU)
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D-ABXA Berlin Brandenburg Airport welcomes Air Berlin to the global airline alliance Oneworld. This Airbus und the Air Berlin B737 D-ABKU was the first aircraft which was towed on the new airport! (mehr von D-ABXA)
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OK-CCC On March 2nd CSA has stopped to fly with their own aircraft to Berlin. Since 05.03.2012 Central Connect Airlines is doeing this Job twice a day to Prague. (mehr von OK-CCC)
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HA-LBN Line up runway 07R near the village of Wassmansdorf. (mehr von HA-LBN)
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Last New Year's Eve at Berlin-Tempelhof airport, when the "Zentralflughafen" was still active. It was a very emotional moment to stay a the tower together with the air traffic controllers during this unique moment! Only ten Months later this airport was closed for ever!
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View from the Southside of the new airport BER to the active runway of Berlin-Schoenefeld. A Easyjet flight to Italy is departing thru the lamp posts of the ramp together with the new tower of DFS.
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RA-65049 Sunrise at 7:30 in Orenburg - what a awesome unique Russian turbojet scene! Shot taken out of the ramp bus before my flight to Moscow with RA-65117. (mehr von RA-65049)
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RA-65117 Final approach with flight "R2 730" at Moscow Domodedovo with landings flaps down at the famous Soloviev D-30 III engine on this TU-134A-3. (mehr von RA-65117)
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Celebrating cross-border friendships, the German-French Festival of the People is held on the Zentraler Festplatz in Berlin's Wedding district. The open square takes on the air of a large French village and is the scene for theatre, food and wine stalls. One some Saturdays and on the final festival and French national day, the 14th of July, a firework is shown behind the airport of Berlin-Tegel. Also visible: The 55 Meter high "Bellevue", the world largest transportable Ferris Wheel.
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A9C-BA My biggest surprise this day at Heathrow! It is still nice to hear a little louder turbojet aircraft within those all quiet modern turbofans. (mehr von A9C-BA)
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OO-SSC The Nightstopper on final approach during this full moon night. (mehr von OO-SSC)
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D-AECC Lufthansa from Frankfurt has arrived shortly before sunset at London City Airport with the Docklands skyline and the O2 Arena in the back. (mehr von D-AECC)