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N200GM c/n 525B-0016. Became S5-BAW. Built in 2005. Surprise visitor this foggy Sunday morning.During bad weather conditions at Arrival airport this Citation Jet arrived in Dortmund.It is the first operated Cessna Citation CJ3 aircraft in Europe ! (mehr von N200GM)
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D-EOAT c/n 319. ex 56+39. Frontview. (mehr von D-EOAT)
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D-EOAT c/n 319. ex 56+39. Built in 1958. The highlight of the day in front of our General Aviation Terminal ! (mehr von D-EOAT)
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I-ADLO , surprise visitor this day ! Operating the Lufthansa flight MUC - DTM - MUC . Nice weather , nice aircraft , what more else ??? (mehr von I-ADLO)
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D-INKA , the cabin with comfortable seats ............ (mehr von D-INKA)
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D-INKA , new reg. on the database ! Surprise visitor this evening ! This old De Havilland Dove was built in 1949 .It was found in an farmers barn in the Netherlands.Restauratet with a lot of love and today it was the first flight.Painted in old LTU colours,because this was the first a/c type using by this airline.Many thanks to the owner to give me the chance to take pictures outside and inside. (mehr von D-INKA)
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OE-IWP nice visitor this afternoon.On board was Mr. Mark Knopfler ( formerly Dire Straits ) and Band. (mehr von OE-IWP)
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G-OBYE , nice view over our airfield.In front you see the Boeing 767 from Britannia Airways.In the background there is a Boeing 737-800 of Air Berlin ( D-AHFO ) , waiting for the flight to ACE this day.And you can see a Dornier 228 of LGW ( D-IKBA ) preparing for the flight to Berlin THF. (mehr von G-OBYE)
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G-EJJB , this brandnew aircraft from EasyJet is coming from Hamburg Finkenwerder to pick up the passengers for the delayed flight to Alicante this day.It was the surprise of the day and the first picture of this aircraft on ! (mehr von G-EJJB)
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VP-BOA , nice picture in the sunset light ! Prince Faisal Bin Farahan arrived late in the afternoon.After a 2 hour stop he goes nonstop to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia ( first picture on ) (mehr von VP-BOA)


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F-GNLG , parking at position 4 after a charterflight from CDG. (mehr von F-GNLG)
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F-GRSG , parking at position 1 after a charterflight from CDG.In the background you can see our nice terminalbuilding. (mehr von F-GRSG)
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HA-LPE , first visit of " Lima-Papa-Echo" in DTM. (mehr von HA-LPE)
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D-ABNE , ready for pushback... ( thanks to the walkout assistant Thomas ! ) (mehr von D-ABNE)
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D-ABBL , first visit of this brandnew aircraft ,leased from GATX .Starting rwy 24 for the flight to HER.Look to the black bird on the left side .... (mehr von D-ABBL)
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D-IZZY , cockpit view........ Thanks to the captain ! (mehr von D-IZZY)
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D-IZZY , waiting for the next flight to Berlin . (mehr von D-IZZY)
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D-AEWA , the two "Panthers" giving a nice celebration for the captain,because this was the last flight for him before he get in pension. (mehr von D-AEWA)
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D-BADC , first visit from this new aircraft type of ADAC in DTM. (mehr von D-BADC)
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YL-RAB , surprise visitor this morning on a cargo flight from Liverpool. (mehr von YL-RAB)
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D-FONC c/n 1G180-42. ex DDR-SKC. "OM-SKC". Big, high-grade steel exhaust...... (mehr von D-FONC)
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