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D-ADFO Apparently after a major overhaul, christened City of Fuerth, D-ADFO appears like new, fourteen years after her first flight. Being converted to a full freighter in 1996, she flew as N605GC until Gemini Air Cargo ceased operations in August 2008 (mehr von D-ADFO)
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CP-2791 taken with ISO 4000 and 1/15sec during night. Its really difficult to take a good picture of this beauty, it operates almost only during night. (mehr von CP-2791)
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N17085 Californians are immensely thankful to all air and ground firefighting crews for their outstanding around-the-clock work to protect our homes, animal habitats, and environment. (mehr von N17085)


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S2-ACO A Blast from the Past Biman's grande dame completes her pushback from gate C16 all ready to perform BG85 to Dhaka. She is definitely a most welcomed upgauge from the usual Boeing 737/Airbus A310. She began life with SQ as 9V-SDB in 1978 before leaving for BG in 1983. She has since been scrapped. (mehr von S2-ACO)
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N227NW A rare visitor in DUS resulting from a fog diversion at AMS this morning (mehr von N227NW)
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N533MD Seen here with the reg of the former operator. Later she was rr to N14090 as you can see at the nosewheel door (mehr von N533MD)