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S2-ACQ Pictured from the old Terminal 3 while being prepared for another flight to Dhaka (mehr von S2-ACQ)
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N1035F This DC-10-30CF was originally ordered by Overseas National Airlines, but Icelandair was the first operator in 1979, then Air Florida in 1980 and from September 1982 Spantax in this hybrid Icelandair-Air Florida-Spantax livery. In 1984 she was converted to a DC-10-30F ( freighter ) for Fedex as N304FE and she flies today, after 36 years in service, as MD-10-30F (mehr von N1035F)
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EC-DUG Spantax bought this DC-10-30 from Swissair ( ex-HB-IHB ) in 1984. From 1986 Continental Airlines operated this bird as N19072 until retirement in 2001. (mehr von EC-DUG)
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YU-AMA Other operators of this DC-10 were Shabair (Zaire), Air Liberte (France) and at least Continental Airlines (mehr von YU-AMA)
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PK-GIE This Garuda DC-10-30 sadly crashed at Fukuoka on June, 13th in 1996, skidding 1600ft after the end of the runway (mehr von PK-GIE)
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N54639 This DC-10 later operated also as F-BTDE for UTA and at last for AOM until 2005 (mehr von N54639)
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9V-SDD SIA operated six DC-10-30 from 1979 only for a few years (mehr von 9V-SDD)
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C-GKFD new 3x / week flight between YYZ and BRU with the good old DC10! (mehr von C-GKFD)
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I-DYNE This classic DC-10 was also operated by Eastern Airlines and Continental Airlines. It was retired in 2001 and scrapped at Greenwood, Mississippi. (mehr von I-DYNE)
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EC-CSJ Picture was taken from the terrace of the old terminal at Barajas (mehr von EC-CSJ)
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S2-ACR Three days before the last scheduled service. (mehr von S2-ACR)
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