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G-DMCA Preserved at the "Aviation Park Viewing" from Manchester Airport. Nice, but I would have liked to see more aircraft, not just this small part. (mehr von G-DMCA)
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N603AX During May and June 2011 we got a lot Air Mobility Command (AMC) flights operated by OAI DC-10's! Here is one of them landing on half width rwy33! Too bad these magnificent aircraft are disappearing from the skies... (mehr von N603AX)
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S2-ACR Visit to the flightdeck of the beautiful DC10 after the flight from Abu Dhabi to Sylhet - next stop Dhaka. Big thanks to this great crew for everything! (mehr von S2-ACR)
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T-255 performing 3 approaches and 2 go-arounds! (mehr von T-255)