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XB259 An extremely rare aircraft, the world's only surviving Beverley, an important RAF transport aircraft of the 1950s and 1960s (mehr von XB259)
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G-APSA Photographed at one of Air Atlantique's Open days (mehr von G-APSA)
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51-7066 In its layout, the essential prototype of the modern jetliner. (mehr von 51-7066)
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N749NL Such a beautiful aircraft and such a great achievement bringing it back from the dead, then flying it across the Atlantic. I hope she can fly again one day. (mehr von N749NL)
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42806 Very nicely preserved at the Travis AFB museum, this aircraft bears the name "High rollers."
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N7780B Quite a nice reflection effect here, for this very smart DC6. The blue rudder indicates recent sale of this part of Northern Air Cargo's operation to Everts. (mehr von N7780B)
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N575L Went for flight in this aircraft just after photo was taken and that included a landing and a take off on a lake! (mehr von N575L)
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C-FHKF Very smart Convair in Conair's superb livery (mehr von C-FHKF)
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N97HP One of seven(!) C97s present at Greybull. All now face an uncertain future, with H and P's recent bankruptcy. (mehr von N97HP)
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C-FLYK Another magnificent beast, "Philippine Mars" remains fully employed by its owners Timber West, along with its sister ship, C-FLYL, "Hawaii Mars." (mehr von C-FLYK)
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51-1772 (FS-722) Very nicely preserved and attractive early American jet fighter. (mehr von 51-1772)
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G-APSA The tails of Air Atlantique's beautiful DC6Fs, seen during one of AA's famous "Open days." (mehr von G-APSA)


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N228A Classic small propliner at this "nowheresville USA" location. (mehr von N228A)
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22114 To some, it's an ugly old bus, but to me it's a supreme example of form following function, to produce one of the first purpose-built military freighter aircraft.
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N73544 Head on close up view of what to me is the most beautiful airliner flying in Europe today, thanks to the wonderful guys at the SCFA. I had just got off the aircraft after a half hour flight in and around Geneva. (mehr von N73544)
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N9498 This DC7C, last used for gun-running during the Biafran war in the late 1960s, has served as a fire trainer at GVA for well over thirty years now-and long may it survive. (mehr von N9498)
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G-BAPF Very rarely photographed at this location, as the Fire Service College is not ( unsurprsingly) open to the general public. Shot in atrocious weather on the day of my (specially arranged) visit. (mehr von G-BAPF)
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N4257L This ex-USAF EC121T continues to serve honourably, now as a static, instructional airframe with the Helena Air Technical College (mehr von N4257L)
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N139HP A very smart Neptune, belonging to the now recently deceased, but of beloved memory, Hawkins and Powers. (mehr von N139HP)
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N51802 Brothers: DC4 N51802 viewed with DC4 derivative, ATL 98 Carvair N898AT, both still active and both owned by Brooks. Posted in honour of the late Sir Freddie Laker, who died recently and whose brainchild the Carvair was. (mehr von N51802)
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C-FBAJ (02) c/n 3088. Built in 1941. Well, they can't all be taken on brilliant sunlit days and anyway, I think this DC4 looks rather dramatic in these conditions in Buffalo's striking green, natural metal and black colours. (mehr von C-FBAJ)
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C-GZVM One of five Air Spray Electras present and very smart too. (mehr von C-GZVM)
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C-FGNR Just right: we were flying alongside this Beech 18 in an identical aircraft of VIA's and conditions and the sun were perfect for an air to air photo. Taken in flight from Campbell River to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Canada. (mehr von C-FGNR)
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C-GIBS A beautifully maintained DC6 looking so smart in Conair's superb livery. (mehr von C-GIBS)