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TF-JXA If you happen to go to CPH for spotting, you can expect to see a "few" MD80s :)) This one caused a little variety. Awesome paint scheme! (mehr von TF-JXA)
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PP-VQK Our last spotted plane that day...could I even wish better? :) (mehr von PP-VQK)
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OY-BHT Cool little commuter, I really loved to see this one! I don't think I could spot this anywhere else :) Ex Scan Con, first time in this "scheme" here. (mehr von OY-BHT)
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OY-APH Now it seems Sterling takes all of the 737s from Maersk,but many of these planes are still flying on Maersk flights. This pic is the first of APH with titles! (mehr von OY-APH)
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LY-SKW This 737 was a nice surprise for us as we expected the Yak-42 instead. (mehr von LY-SKW)
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LN-RKI With special H.C.ANDERSEN-titles and his head siluette :) Rolling to rwy4R for takeoff. (mehr von LN-RKI)
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EP-LBS Main highlight of our tour rocketing out of 22R. A real unique and beautiful one! (mehr von EP-LBS)
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Sight of LHBP airport on a hazy morning as we are climbing out of 31R as SNB488 to CPH. Hainan Airlines 763, Alitalia MD, Carpatair SF34, some Malev 737s and a Lufthansa Airbus is visible as getting ready for taxi.
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VP-BBR One of the most unique 757s around here in Europe...awesome! (mehr von VP-BBR)
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SU-PBD taxiing on the famous paralell taxiway. (mehr von SU-PBD)
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EW-250PA Aeroflot-cheatline and late afternoon light conditions suits this 737 very much. (mehr von EW-250PA)


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TF-AMI was one of the highlights of that rainy day. Coming in from Havana on a Cubana flight. (mehr von TF-AMI)
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HA-LKS Impressive view of Apron1 with a TAY 146 just turning to stand, some bizjets, a UPS A30F and a DAT AT42 operating to Budapest for Fedex. Taken from seat 17A on SkyEurope B733 HA-LKS on flight HSK9LA to Orly. (mehr von HA-LKS)
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HA-SGK Just after airborne, doing a little formation-performace before the game called "Balloon-hunting" (mehr von HA-SGK)
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HA-LIX A unique formation with Extra SP-KYK. Not an average sight :) (mehr von HA-LIX)
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HA-YHF Full Malev-color suits this beautiful worm-fighter very much! My first "In Action" shot of her :) (mehr von HA-YHF)
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TC-FLM Simply awesome! Seen on a Nouvelair flight. Can you spot the spotter on this pic? :) (mehr von TC-FLM)
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EC-JJJ Lining up rwy 31L after undergoing a C-check and a renumbering (ex V8-... of Royal Brunei) at Budapest. First time on! (mehr von EC-JJJ)
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5105 First time I see this pretty govjet. Hope our next meeting will be a little bit more sunnier :)
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G-EZKD Finally a little with grey nose :) (mehr von G-EZKD)
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RA-86523 Just arrived from China via Abakhan as ESL9433 with a delay of 45 minutes, which is quite acceptable for a russian freighter :) Former Vim Airlines bird, note the small East Line logo on her nose. (mehr von RA-86523)
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1001 It was really fantastic to see such a rare and old bird still operating - with original P&W engines. Pictured after turning out from stand 76 on her flight back to Tehran as MRJ02. (mehr von 1001)
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EP-IAD Running up engines on taxiway P4 before her flight to Caracas. :-O (mehr von EP-IAD)