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UR-14005 Motor Handball Club special livery (mehr von UR-14005)
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UR-11316 c/n 9346810 Arrived as flight M96549 from Zaporizhzhia (OZH). (mehr von UR-11316)
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UR-MSM AVIASVIT-XXI - XII. International Aviation and Space Salon (mehr von UR-MSM)
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UR-11819 #10000, many thanks to the team for the last 20 years, I was part of this website since from the beginning, as user and as well as screener for years. I started planespotting at FMO in May 2001, first picture this day was a BAC1-11. So also 20 years ago and now I was happy to catch this nice AN12 at the place were it all beginns. (mehr von UR-11819)
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UR-11819 This great a/c should depart at 11.30 AM, but it didn�t. Stays at Hahn until today. No better level possible, sorry for the foreground. (mehr von UR-11819)