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N349PH / Climbing steeply away, gear retracting. NWA DC-10-30 taxiies to the active for departure. (mehr von N349PH)
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N349PH / Climbing out on a rather dull afternoon. SEA terminals are visible, including the check-in terminal, that DAL B767 looks a bit lonely with all of those AS/QX aircraft surrounding it. (mehr von N349PH)
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N349PH / Banking to the left, Sea-Tac Terminal D is visible, the Check-In Terminal, the larde parking garages and all the exit mazes, and the densley populated area, hey, those trees are only turning yellow in the middle of Nov, our are bare by the end of September. Enjoy the photo! ;) (mehr von N349PH)
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N349PH / Just walked out and couldn;t resist, was later kicking myself for not shooting a perfect 50mm ramp shot. (mehr von N349PH)


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N349PH / View of the C and D terminals at SEA, I count 13 aircraft. Climbing steeply away in a Dash 8, full load! (mehr von N349PH)