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I-AIGL I finally had the chance to visit one of Air Italy's aircraft, after it came in from a domestic flight. Just look at all the switches and instruments of this classic lady! (mehr von I-AIGL)
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EI-DXC This ship looks it experienced some rough see lately... Must have been flying through some hail or so, with so much paint missing from its body. The aircraft first flew in 1994 for Turkish Airlines and is with Air One since 2007. (mehr von EI-DXC)
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We are in a big left turn after departure from runway 24 (right to left), following the ISKIA6A SID at about 6000 feet at that time. There is another aircraft landing on runway 24 at this moment and on the western side of the strip (upper side in picture) you can see some military aircraft. The terminal is on the eastern side.
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G-EZFK Vacating runway 24 after landing. This aircraft was delivered in October 2009 and now has its second appearence on (mehr von G-EZFK)
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EI-IXH Vacating runway 24 after landing. Former I-BIXH is now re-registered. Named "Piazza della Signoria-Gubbio". (mehr von EI-IXH)
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74092 I have uploaded a number of rare aircraft, but this one beats them all! Only about 100 of the type have been produced and this specific example is the only one I could find in the internet that is operated by the Afghan Air Force. It was with the Italian Air Force and has been upgraded by Alenia in Naples to be handed over with help of the US. Construction numer 4092, serial number MM62152.
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I-AIGL A beautiful spring day in Napoli and a pretty aircraft all left to itself that day. Note the reflection of the yellow line! (mehr von I-AIGL)
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D-AKNG Prior to its flight to Milano-Malpensa, flight LH1861 is being prepared for departure in front of the terminal. You can see Air Italy I-AIGL in the background. (mehr von D-AKNG)
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I-AIGL Standing in front of the terminal, this oldie was left all for herself for me to shot. (mehr von I-AIGL)
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YL-NST c/n 258424. Waking up in NAP ! (mehr von YL-NST)


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Just after take-off from Naples enroute to Calvi - Bordeaux - Jersey - Ostend
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EI-DSB Early morning departure RWY 06 (mehr von EI-DSB)
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I-AIRX What a beautiful livery! This small airline is operating between Naples and Turins among other domestic routes. (mehr von I-AIRX)
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SX-BKI A few years ago, 737-400s were very common, but now they are being phased out. And to the same amount how uncertain the future of this aircraft is, is the future of the crews that fly it. I wish them all the best! (mehr von SX-BKI)
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EI-DVS Still wearing its "Partner of Lufthansa" titles. Air One Cityliner are still a regular sight at Naples. (mehr von EI-DVS)
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EI-DVT Newest example of 10 in the airline's fleet. The "Partner of Lufthansa" titles are already removed, due to the new partnership with Alitalia and the aircraft is ready for boarding. (mehr von EI-DVT)
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I-AIGM Air Italy is a regular seen airline in Napoli. This aircraft is one of only two 737-300s in the fleet and has been with Viva Air, Western Pacific, Myanmar Airways and many others. (mehr von I-AIGM)
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F-GSTA Just arrived. The poor guys had to wait for 15 minutes before they could start loading, as they were not able to move the working platform to the aircraft, because we were blocking the way... Napoli radar was off due to maintenance and this caused delays, so we were standing at our parking position and waiting and the Beluga loaders had to wait for us. (mehr von F-GSTA)