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EI-EMH c/n 34974. Built in 2010. Climbing out of Naples airport early in the morning. (mehr von EI-EMH)
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EI-DWE c/n 36074. Built in 2007. Approaching Naples airport inbound Bremen. (mehr von EI-DWE)
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D-AIDU the beautiful Vesuvio on the background after departure to MUC (mehr von D-AIDU)
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EP-TAS nice old Iranian charter Mac Dog on Naples International Airport with Montenegro Airlines Fokker 100 and Mt. Vesuvius in the background (mehr von EP-TAS)
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I-BIXN Full raised with jackscrew, undergoing a C- Check (mehr von I-BIXN)
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Short final RWY 24.
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I-DACZ Dirty windows... The MD-80 got a lot of windows, with more being located over the ones shown here to look upward. Found this picture in my collection and still remember the great time with the Alitalia crew back then, when we were all waiting for our flights. (mehr von I-DACZ)
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EI-DVR Now this is a looong tube! The Air One "Cityliner"s are rarely seen outside of Italy, but with some of the being based in Napoli, they are a common sight and a welcome photo opportunity for me here. (mehr von EI-DVR)