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5Y-JLI c/n 7025. First in DB! Jetlink Express is a Kenyan airline mainly operating with CRJs. On the tarmac infront of the domestic terminal at Jomo Kenyatta their planes are a very common sight. This CRJ was delivered in May this year. [EOS 350D] (mehr von 5Y-JLI)
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5Y-KQE / First pic in new cls in the db. (mehr von 5Y-KQE)
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A6-ERM Approaching Nairobi over a very green landscape. (mehr von A6-ERM)
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5Y-AXB African Express trio with 707, 727 and DC-9. Only the latter seems still airworthy. (mehr von 5Y-AXB)
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5Y-XXB A 41 year old lady... her sister is resting in the background (mehr von 5Y-XXB)
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5Y-KQB All in one: You can see two rare birds from Africa, the ATC in Nairobi in the background, and even a stewards walking down from the plane. (mehr von 5Y-KQB)


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5Y-EEE I didnt get the best angle and light, but this is the first appearance on (mehr von 5Y-EEE)
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HB-IW* Look at this HUGE engine and the nice winglet in the back. (mehr von HB-IW*)
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5Y-KQC / Sorry the tail is missing, but we parked so damn close (our wingtip was a max 2ft from this one's) that not even 37mm could fit it in. Taken handheld 4sec exposure from sistership 5Y-KQB (mehr von 5Y-KQC)