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N905NA Massive belly of this orbiter carrier. (mehr von N905NA)
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N905NA Today was a historical day for San Francisco having Endeavour the first and only space shuttle flying around the Bay Area. This was the youngest orbiter vehicle OV-105 in the space shuttle program and replaced Challenger and was built mainly from spare in 1981. Here last and final mission STS-134 was in May 2011. (mehr von N905NA)
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150509 This plane is undergoing a slow restoration process. It was grounded many years back due to a hard landing cracking the main beam on the left wing. (mehr von 150509)


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Moffett Airfield with its distinctive hangars.
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Airport overview as we bank during our approach into SJC. The single aircraft parked on the main apron is N714NA, NASA's Gerard P. Kuiper Airborne Observatory. It's a Lockheed L-300-50A Starlifter which used to carry an infrared telescope for high-altitude operations. The aircraft has been stored on Moffett Airfield for several years now and the telescope has recently found a new carrier: a Boeing 747SP (N747NA).
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94-140 Seen the difference between the C5 and this tiny jet!! (mehr von 94-140)
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82-0662 During an airshow this A-10 demonstrated how US Forces attacked Kabul Airport in Afghanistan!The demo of this a/c was one of the best (mehr von 82-0662)
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82-0662 (DM) seen doing a flypast with a Mustang!!Called the "Heritage Flight (mehr von 82-0662)
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N716NA The first Buffalo built, converted to jet power!! (mehr von N716NA)
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