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ZK-SDG c/n U206-03016 waiting for her next load of jumpers. (mehr von ZK-SDG)
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NZ5757 ex WA311, she was an attrition replacement aircraft delivered from the RAF in Sep 1953. Retired in April 1964, she arrived at the museum in 1978 and is now displayed in the main entrance hall in 14 Squadron marks. (mehr von NZ5757)
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NZ1707 ex WE563, the aircraft was delivered from the RAF to the RNZAF in 1956. The NZ registration was added in addition to the RAF registration and flew in the Antartic like that until 1963. She was written off August 1966 and has been re-built and displayed as she looked whilst serving on the ice. (mehr von NZ1707)
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NZ6207 c/n 12841 is really ex US Navy 149516, and is beautifully preserved in the main entrance hall to represent an NZ6207 that was lost in 1974. (mehr von NZ6207)
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NZ3551 c/n 34223/16963 preserved in all her glory in VIP config. ex 45-960 she was delivered in 1945 and converted to VIP config in 1953 for the Royal Tour. Stayed as such until reitred and presented to the museum in 1977. (mehr von NZ3551)
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ZK-AMY c/n 13506 looking the part parked in front of the WW2 control tower and terminal. (mehr von ZK-AMY)
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ZK-BQM c/n 20-014 looking great in the New Zealand sun (mehr von ZK-BQM)
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NZ7621 c/n set 7 is in need of attention and is the only preserved RNZAF Andover. (mehr von NZ7621)
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TE288 painted as OU-V of 485 (NZ) Squadron when they operated in Germany just before the end of WW2. This aircraft was in the 1955 film 'Reach for the Sky'. Given to New Zealand in 1963 by the RAF, she joined the museum in 1984. No registration mark is painted on the aircraft. (mehr von TE288)
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NZ3024 Really 41-14205, a P-40F, she served with the 44FS, 18FG and was written off on Dec 22, 1942 in the New Hebrides. Recovered in 1996 she is being rebuilt to represent NZ3024 a RNZAF aircraft (mehr von NZ3024)
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NZ1050 c/n 88-13907 is the gate guard to the RNZAF Museum and was once 41-33766 and EX793 (mehr von NZ1050)


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G-AIKR c/n 4338 this aircraft is on loan from Canada for rebuild as an Oxford. A very rare type, only a few Oxfords were ever converted to Consul's. (mehr von G-AIKR)
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NZ1996 Taxiing in after a morning display at Wigram Classics (mehr von NZ1996)
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NZ3551 c/n 34223 / 16963 this dakota was use to carry the queen of england on her first visit to new zealand in the 1950s now on display at wigram airforce museum christchurch city (mehr von NZ3551)
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NZ2521 sits in the Wigram Air Force Museum. Is really NZ2504 (mehr von NZ2521)
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NZ3603 The helicopter that provides cover for the Royal New Zealand Navy (mehr von NZ3603)
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