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N533US Northwest Airlines doesn`t exist anymore. But its memory lives on! (mehr von N533US)
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N240CX c/n 1370. Business as usual. (mehr von N240CX)
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N477WN Short final rwy 24R. This is one of 341 series 700 operated by Southwest at the time of this picture. (mehr von N477WN)
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LN-BIF This warbird is painted in the colour scheme used by the "Little Norway" training in Canada during World War II. The PT-19A was a basic training aircraft for future combat pilots eager to fight against the Nazi occupation of Norway. . (mehr von LN-BIF)
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LN-BIF "Spirit of Little Norway" in the air during the excellent "Flydag 2008" at Geiteryggen Airport. (mehr von LN-BIF)
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LN-BDM Star performer during the excellent "Flydag 2008" at Geiteryggen Airport. (mehr von LN-BDM)
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RA-76491 This classic transport aircraft ain`t going to fly anymore. It was broken up in December 2009. (mehr von RA-76491)
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EI-GAA Stored in derelict condition at Domodedovo. (mehr von EI-GAA)
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RA-85754 Stored at Domodedovo. She looks fantastic, even as a old lady. Is this the end? (mehr von RA-85754)
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AZ-H Mounted in front of The Royal Norwegian Air Force Training School at Kjevik. This is one of a very few gate guardians in Norway that has kept its original colour scheme. (mehr von AZ-H)