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HC-CDA The final for Icaro's first F28! It suffered an accident a year ago, and it was converted in a floating bar! Amazing! checkout small pilot dummies in the cockpit! Floating in COCA RIVER (mehr von HC-CDA)
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HC-CEX ROTATE! Static helicopter flight over the terminal at 800FT, this was certainly amazing! Note the background of COA city! NO FAKE (mehr von HC-CEX)
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He got ATC first, but we took off in the helicopter first!
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HC-CFK Landing at COCA airport with 3KM visbility. We had a hard time spotting the RWY! Rain, haze! (mehr von HC-CFK)
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HC-CDG At the terminal. Not very nice (Canon EOS 350D+Canon 18-55) (mehr von HC-CDG)
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HC-CDG A very very short RWY. This one is a small airport at the east of ecuador in the jungle. Icaro HC-CDA crashed here. You can barely see it painted white at the left side of the RWY (Canon EOS 350D+Canon 18-55) (mehr von HC-CDG)