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New look of Oradea Airpot
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YR-TII Defrosting before takeoff to Otopeni (mehr von YR-TII)
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Final approach RWY 19 at Oradea. Its a one RWY, one TWY one apron airport. OMR is served by 3 sheduled flights / day. On the right hand side several Wilgas are working to get the contestants of the "Romanian Challenge Cup 2010" up in the air.


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HA-LKN c/n 143. ex F-WWFV. Charter flight LROD-LGAV. (mehr von HA-LKN)
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YR-TIG c/n 012. ex N845GA. Another angle of this sad accident. thanks to my friend Alexandru Chirila for the photo (mehr von YR-TIG)
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YR-TIG c/n 012. ex N845GA. minutes after crashing due to not being able to stop on the runaway's surface. Fortunately nobody was hurt, and an investigation is under way. (mehr von YR-TIG)