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EI-REH ATR-72-201 of Aer Lingus Regional lining up on runway 35 for takeoff. (mehr von EI-REH)
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277 AgustaWestland AW139 Aer Chor na hEireann airborne from Cork's runway 17. (mehr von 277)
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M-GSIX Gulfstream 650 parked on Cork's Stand 20. She arrived in Cork on her delivery flight from Ronaldsway, Isle of Man and Savannah, Georgia before continuing on to Dublin Airport. Note the Irish tricolour on aircraft tail. (mehr von M-GSIX)
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EI-CMT Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II. C/n 34-7870088. Atlantic Flight Training Ltd. In Cork this aircraft is affectionately known as "Country Music Television!" (mehr von EI-CMT)
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OE-GBB Dornier 328 of Welcome Air on Cork's runway 35 operating an air ambulance flight for Tyrol Air Ambulance. (mehr von OE-GBB)
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N900EG Gulfstream IV of Greenfield Aviation taxiing to Cork's Stand 4 with former U. S. President Bill Clinton aboard! Welcome to Cork, Mister President! Note the increased level of airside security on Cork's ramp for the occasion. (mehr von N900EG)
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EI-REL ATR-72-212A of Aer Arann operating Aer Lingus Regional flight to Birmingham. Another April shower is just a few minutes away. (mehr von EI-REL)
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EI-BIV c/n 464-79. Bellanca Decathlon of Atlantic Flight Training Ltd at Cork Airport which is a new aerobatic addition to the training fleet. (mehr von EI-BIV)
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EI-EAM c/n 17280781. Parked up at the Flying Club area at Cork between training details. (mehr von EI-EAM)


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Airport overview of Cork Airport from the end of runway 35.
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EI-DEA Aer Lingus A320-214 parked up alongside two sisterships in front of Cork Airport's smart new terminal which was opened in 2006. (mehr von EI-DEA)
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G-LGNL Saab 340B of Loganair in the colours of Flybe taxiing out for runway 17 for take off to Aberdeen. Note the Loganair 50th Anniversary 1962-2012 titles. Congratulations to Loganair. (mehr von G-LGNL)
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HA-LPM Airbus A320-232 of Wizz Air lined up on runway 35 for take off back to Poland on a beautiful sunny summer's evening at Cork. (mehr von HA-LPM)
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EI-REM Aer Arann aircraft operating an Aer Lingus Regional flight on a sunny Sunday evening at Cork Airport. (mehr von EI-REM)
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EI-REI Aer Arann ATR-72 taxiing out for take off from Cork's runway 17 on an Aer Lingus Regional flight. (mehr von EI-REI)
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EI-DVM The beautiful Aer Lingus Retrojet lining up for take on 35. (mehr von EI-DVM)
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N900SF Falcon 900 about to taxi for take off from Cork's runway 17 for a long flight acorss the North Atlantic. (mehr von N900SF)
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EI-DEG Aer Lingus A320 backtracking runway 35 for take off on a sunny Saturday afternoon. (mehr von EI-DEG)
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SE-LZX Rockwell Commander 690 survey aircraft on finals to Cork's runway 35. (mehr von SE-LZX)
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EC-KZG Orbest in hybrid colour scheme. Short finals to runway 35 on a mid summer evening. (mehr von EC-KZG)