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Turning left to NILOV after take-off from 07 at LRBS. Runway 08R/26L of LROP.
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YR-BGE First picture that i took in Otopeni. Thanks to Vali and the other friends @ Bucuresti (mehr von YR-BGE)
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YR-ATD It is quite difficult to take photos at OTP, due to strict security measures. I was happy to get a shot out of our taxiing LHI A319, now presenting you YR-ATD, YR-ATA and YR-ATE next to each other. (mehr von YR-ATD)
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G-EZDP On short final for 08R at LROP (mehr von G-EZDP)
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G-EZBI Still is quite a typical scenery on the fields around Bucharest. Great contrast between age-old customs and 21st century aviation. (mehr von G-EZBI)
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G-EUUX A red-nosed bird makes its way down to 08R. (mehr von G-EUUX)
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YR-ABB Arriving back home at dusk with president Traian Basescu on board. (mehr von YR-ABB)
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AP-BFC What a tragedy! The first ROMBAC 1-11 is still stored at Otopeni Airport with its nose removed. I was so glad that I got at least some sunlight on it today, you never know what could happen to it till next time you see it... You can also see the nose of another BAC 1-11 of Chrome Air, reg. 5N-SEO. (mehr von AP-BFC)
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YR-ATB Ramp view. Four TAROM ATR42s parked next to each other. These are from right to left: YR-ATB, YR-ATD, YR-ATA und YR-ATE. (mehr von YR-ATB)
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D-AKNI First shot of a LHI cabin on pp.net! This former Germanwings aircraft has been refitted with some new interior. The seats in this aircraft just look like the normal LH seats, but wear little Italian flags. Furthermore these aircraft feature an espresso coffe machine! (mehr von D-AKNI)
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YR-MDS The aircraft first flew in 1982 and has been with PSA, US Airways and MNG Airlines, before joining the Romanian charter operator. (mehr von YR-MDS)
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YR-BGG Another nice European retrojet, this time by Tarom ! Resting in a chilling -4deg C morning at its homebase airport. (mehr von YR-BGG)
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N701CK Not a regular visitor in Bucarest! First flew for Avianca Colombia in 11 May 1979 and later used by Tower Air,United Parcel Service and Polar Air Cargo., (mehr von N701CK)
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AP-BFC One of the last places in the world that you can still see the BAC One Eleven is Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport.AP-BFC is the first ROMBAC 1-11-561RC ever built and first flew in 1982.Mainly used by Tarom and leased to British Island Airways,Adria Airways,Istanbul Hava Yollari,JAT and Aero Asia, since 2002 in OTP.Also present is BAC 1-11-487GK the only BAC-111 built as a freighter ! On the southern side of the airport is the military apron were you can see the airworthy -561RC 's YR-BRE and YR-BRI ! ! ! (mehr von AP-BFC)