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FAC2171 Aircraft preserved on the Armed Forces Museum. Behind of it is exhibited a T-33 jet engine. (mehr von FAC2171)
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FAC2008 Aircraft preserved in the Armed Forces Museum in the center of Bogota. The T-33 was the first jet in Colombia. The first aircrafts arrived in 1954 and were assigned to Palanquero AFB, then in 1981 were transfered to Barranquilla AFB and finally retired from service in 1990. (mehr von FAC2008)
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FAC2171 The well known A-37 resting on the Armed Forces Museum together with a T-33. This A-37 arrived in 1980 in a package of 20 aircrafts. (mehr von FAC2171)
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FAC204 This helicopters arrived to the FAC in 1954 and were assigned to Melgar AFB where they worked together with the army in observation, liaison, reconnaissance, search and rescue activities. This one was the presidencial helicopter of General Gustavo Rojas Pinilla, you can see the sign "Helicoptero presidencial" and the colombian coat of arms in the front of it and the stars of the General in one side of the aircraft. Preserved on the Armed Forces Museum. (mehr von FAC204)