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N7017U built in 1964 and now the plane is displayed in Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. (mehr von N7017U)
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N7017U Pictured at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, this one was a real treat that I stumbled across. They kept the complete right side of the aircraft and in wonderful condition I might add. A few times a day, the aircraft makes a simulated flight, with flaps and gear extending and retracting. It is pictured here with the undercarriage being lowered! [Nikon D200] (mehr von N7017U)
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A smokey KC-135 is ready for refilling some Air Force jets in front of Chicago during Air and Water Show 2005. Check out my other pics where you can see the refilling.
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Displaying a heavy left turn during Air and Water Show 2005 in Chicago. You can get an idea how low this bird was!!
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This is very rare! A KC-135 is refilling some Airforce jets just over downtown Chicago during Air and Water Show 2005.
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N7017U (msn 18309, delivered1964-05-27), Displayed at Museum of Science and Industry (mehr von N7017U)