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N911AX Finally catch in Guayama my town of Puerto Rico. (mehr von N911AX)
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Crossing over my house in Guayama ,Puerto Rico This flight its from KIAD to SBGR.
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N124PD Looking for some prisoners on the area of my house. (mehr von N124PD)
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N5854Z The Electric Power Authority in my town of Guayama PR in its heliport. (mehr von N5854Z)
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N924CH Another visitor in my town Guayama Puerto Rico. (mehr von N924CH)
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N911AG I finally capture the helicopter takes months but was finally watching, awards and tributes was a patient from one town to another. (mehr von N911AG)
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N747CH Guayama visit by rented to carry the Governor of Puerto Rico to various locations on the island as you can see in the image that sits beside the pilot's left is the Governor Luis Fortuo. (mehr von N747CH)
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N5800Z c/n2047 The Super Puma of AEE painted for a shooting of a film or mini series in the area of the south of Puerto Rico apparently part of the film is a scene military for that reason this painted of the army for the film. (mehr von N5800Z)
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07-2069 The new toy of Puerto Rico Air National Guard in Guayama Puerto Rico strange visit in this days taking off to Camp Santiago in Salinas Puerto Rico. (mehr von 07-2069)
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N561Z c/n 17263225. Built in 1974. Over my house in Guayama ,Puerto Rico (mehr von N561Z)


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N188BR Once again another Helicopter in Guayama. (mehr von N188BR)
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N72PK Over my house in Guayama Puerto Rico (mehr von N72PK)
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N7062X Aeromed once again in my town Guayama Puerto Rico waiting outside of the Hospital. (mehr von N7062X)
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N440JR passing over my house in Guayama Puerto Rico (mehr von N440JR)
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N127PD Active sky in my town Guayama, Puerto Rico. This baby land the first time in Guayama with new color scheme. (mehr von N127PD)
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Great surprise in Guayama its not common see this great helicopter land in my town.
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N228AH The First time in Guayama Life Fligth with new logo Kids Fligth and draw of Helicopter for kids i love the sound of this Bell in my town in Guayama ,Puerto Rico. (mehr von N228AH)
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N7062X Aeromed with new toy in the hospital of Guayama thank to the pilot of this baby to leave take a this photo Thanks Rufinete Betancourt. (mehr von N7062X)
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N206WH this shot is my gift of my birthday nice visit of Herndandez in Plaza Guayama Mall thanks to the security to advise me.SN/72-21362. (mehr von N206WH)
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N440JR nice and great precious bird in my town Guayama Puerto Rico. (mehr von N440JR)